Refugees Creating Beautiful Products For You

Global Artisans was started by a refugee volunteer, a refugee knitting group and an opportunity to support resettled refugees in the USA and in camps in Africa. We are a group of creative, talented and passionate artisans seeking opportunity, immersing into the local community, creating a business and hope while making a difference.

“A refugee is someone who survived and who can create the future.” – Amela Koluder

  • What are Customer are Saying

    I cannot recommend this seller more: They responded very kindly and lightening fast to my questions and accommodated my every request. Incredible but true: My special order shipped the very day I placed it. I am very happy with the product: The pouches are beautiful and very well made. They will make me feel even better when helping to reduce waste. Thank you so much!

  • We Love our Customers

    I loved this so much I bought one for my friend! Perfect for reusable straws! Easy to wash and beautiful designs! Arrived quickly and as described. Thank you!

  • Your Feedback Makes us Smile

    Love this little pouch! I needed something that fit my excessively long boba straw as well as the rest of my travel utensils and this is the perfect size, as well as gorgeous and well made. And I had it in my hands 5 days from ordering, so it was quick, too! Thanks!

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